BikeOdyssey 2023: 15 - 17 of September 2023






"Bike Odyssey 2014" has next to it and this year an indispensable partner, Quality, which has assumed all digital prints of the event.
Since 2000, Quality has established itself as one of the best companies in the field of digital printing thanks to credibility, speed and quality of its service.




OKTAVIT is activated in Greece since 1992, with headquarters in Athens and branch in Thessaloniki and specializes in disposal of branded products and telecommunications to local manufacturers and resellers. Through flexible processes, know-how, digitized information and continuous improvement in offered services, the company responds directly to the needs of its partners and is a reference point among companies in the industry. OKTAVIT, at 20 years of successful presence in the Greek IT market, daily redefines the concepts of stability, reliability, direct and quality service and professional and personal development, in perfectly competitive operating environment.


OKTABIT offers the electronic equipment to cover the needs of the «Bike Odyssey 2014» organization.





The isotonic sports drink of the biggest sporting events in the world will be found in all "Bike Odyssey 2014" food supply points and moisturize our athletes .


POWERADE ION4, moisturize more effectively than water * and helps to give yourself for more . Designed by sports scientists to help replenish fluids and minerals lost when you sweat. Consume within a balanced diet and hygienic lifestyle .


* The carbohydrates-electrolytes solutions enhance the absorption of water during the physical activity and contributes to maintaining endurance performance during prolonged endurance performance





Barilla with GranCereale is present in «Bike Odyssey 2014» providing their nutritional products for replenishing energy of athletes at all food supply stations of the event.


The GranCereale produced by wholemeal flour of common wheat , are rich in fiber and contain low fat, offering a nutritious and delicious alternative for a delicious break in our day, which fully covers the requirements of modern nutritional needs.



Mahidra vehicles move comfortably and safely everywhere , regardless of the terrain and are the most suitable for the toughest off road conditions. Pass the test in all conditions , from driving on rough terrain and downhill until safe passage of water .

The Bike Odyssey Group trusts Mahindra vehicles preparation for the tournament and this year. We tested them in the most adverse conditions of Greece, the rugged mountains of Pindos and not betrayed us nowhere . Furthermore the Mahidra are synonymous with reliability and durability.

Ask for the exclusive Mahindra importer AGRIPAN SA and its network of sales and service Mahindra throughout Greece. Buying a Mahindra even the most demanding owner acquires a reliable and tireless partner.

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The volunteer search and rescue team of Mesolongi activates in the civil protection and particularly in assisting the community in cases of emergencies, such as earthquakes, exclusions (snow , floods etc ), mass disasters or accidents as well as in research and rescue people .

For the second consecutive year, the E.O.E.D. will cover in health and rescue sector the toughest bike race «Bike Odyssey 2014». It will be next to athletes and organizers and will offer its services throughout the duration of the 8-day event, starting at the village of Laista on 22 June and ending in Amfiklia on 29 June.

All the best wishes! The bike odyssey team visited the second station, beautiful Kastania. There we met the cultural association and the president of the village. They were very positive and excited that the bike odyssey chose Kastania be the final station of this etap. We toured through the woods Morava, a path full of oaks, pines and firs, following the very good path that leads to the second terminal of etap.IMG_5016s.JPG




Our visit to Variani was a pleasant experience for us. Apart from the fact that we met beautiful people, wonderful landscapes , we met genteel Nancy Papaprokopiou . Despite her young age, Nancy decided , after completing her studies , to return to her roots , to the place of her parents . She gave us an interesting tour of the village and she entertained us at the cafe "The School", which is hers. The building was previously the actual village school , however , it was decided to close because there were no children in order to set it in use. So after being renovated began operating as a traditional cafe.

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BikeOdyssey is an 8 days XC (Cross Country) bike race across the Pindos mountain range, in Greece. Is the toughest race in Greece and one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world.


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