BikeOdyssey 2017: 18 June - 25 June 2017

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Bike Odyssey 2017: Team & athletes’ presentation!

23-02-2017 Hits:408 News

      Bike Odyssey will start in Smixi on June the 18th as a unique celebration of mountain biking. Just the night before the start of the race, there will be a presentation of the teams and the athletes of the race. Teams and athletes that participate in the 8-day version and in 3-Day North Odyssey as well, will be presented.

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“1-Day Odyssey” returns with North and South version for 2017!

07-02-2017 Hits:274 News

Participants in the one-day versions of Bike Odyssey race will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the most exciting mtb race ever!These two one-day mountain bike races are planned to be held in parallel with the 1st and the 8th stage of Bike Odyssey, respectively. These races will be independent of 8day Bike Odyssey and the registration is individual (the formation of teams of two athletes is not required).

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Flags' Collection of Bike Odyssey 2017

13-01-2017 Hits:294 News

 Bike Odyssey spreads around the world and the number of participants from countries around the globe keeps increasing. The 'collection of flags' grows since seven countries apart from Greece will be present at this years' race: • Israel • Bulgaria • Cyprus • Russia • Serbia • Venezuela • Australia • Denmark The entire flags’ collection of Bike Odyssey:

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A mini Bike Odyssey will be the race of Galatas!

04-01-2017 Hits:361 News

  A Mini Bike Odyssey could be called the race "Galatas Mtb & Road Race 2017» which will be held in Galatas of Nafpaktia on 18 & 19 February 2017.

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Big changes in Bike Odyssey 2017!

31-12-2016 Hits:439 News

Bike Odyssey comes more refreshed than ever in 2017! The route change regarding the 8-day and 3-day northern race. Due to weather conditions, we were unable to present the final route with details as we had planned, but we present it to you as we have planned it with the possibility of some minor changes.

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"Bike Me Up" joins Bike Odyssey for the 2nd year…

29-12-2016 Hits:299 News

  "Bike Me Up" will follow the trails of Bike Odyssey 2017 just as they did last year. The group of "Bike Me Up" will accompany the 8-day event and the 3-day versions by participating out of competition with respective teams. Riding with electrically assisted pedelec type mountain bikes (e-MTB) riders will have the opportunity to see a different side of Bike Odyssey exploring the backbone of Pindos from Smixi village up to Nafpaktos city. "Bike Me Up" will join the race by renting e-bikes for all 3 races (8 days 620 km, 3 days North 208 km and 3 days...

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Bike Odyssey 2017: Preparations are at high speed!

28-12-2016 Hits:354 News

A few days left for the registration closing... With the new year approaching and the 31st of December to mean the end of the registration period at Bike Odyssey 2017, the organization has already entered the fever of the preparations! In the new participation packages pleasant changes and surprises await the athletes. The already prepared Bib numbers and race certificates of athletes, will have the following renewed form:

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Bike Odyssey wishes you a Merry Christmas!

22-12-2016 Hits:347 News

 Bike Odyssey wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a happy and creative year!  

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Bike Odyssey: Register Now!

21-12-2016 Hits:323 News

Only 10 days have left to register for the biggest cycling event of 2017! Bike Odyssey organizes for a fifth year in a row the hardest mountain bike race! You should expect new unexplored routes in an adventurous 8-day cycling event, in which the start point will be the village Smixi of municipality Grevena and the final destination the city Nafpaktos of municipality Nafpaktia. Registration will remain open until 31 of December 2016 at 24.00! For the 8-Days Bike Odyssey 2017 register here For the 3-Days North Bike Odyssey 2017 register here For the 3-Days South Bike Odyssey 2017 register here

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Notification for Bike Odyssey & 3-Days North Odyssey

07-12-2016 Hits:502 News

We would like to inform you that there is an intention to be a bus from Thessaloniki to Smixi for the eight-day and the northern three-day race provided that will be reserved a minimum number of seats. Those who have registered or plan to register we would like to express their interest in transporting by a bus from Thessaloniki to Smixi and / or return. Then we will inform you about the cost. Registrations continue! The participants are already over 100!

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A few hours left for registrations’ opening!

30-11-2016 Hits:559 News

In less than 14 hours, the timer will show zero and the registrations will open! We are counting down until 12:00 in the evening! Already under the timer you can see the links that lead to the registration form for each race. When the timer shows zero, you can select the link of the race you are interested in and fill the registration form.

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In less than 3 days will open the registrations for…

28-11-2016 Hits:265 News

Less than three days left for the registrations’ opening for Bike Odyssey 2017. Are you ready? We would like to inform you that in 2017 the Prologue is abolished and in its place a new small stage will be created.

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8 days and 3 days B.O.

8 Days BikeOdyssey

Start: Smixi, Finish: Nafpaktos
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 8 Days (Prologue + 7 Stages)
  • 620Km
  • 25.000 elevetion gain
  • 57 villages

3 Days North BikeOdyssey

Start: Smixi, Finish: Pyli
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 3 Days (3 Stages)
  • 208 Km
  • 6.300 elevetion gain
  • 32 villages

3 Days South BikeOdyssey

Start: Krikelo, Finish: Nafpaktos
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 3 Days (3 Stages)
  • 220Km
  • 7.000 elevetion gain
  • 25 villages


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BikeOdyssey is an 8 days XC (Cross Country) bike race across the Pindos mountain range, in Greece. Is the toughest race in Greece and one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world.


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