BikeOdyssey 2019: 15 June - 23 June 2019

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The Greek National Team where the big proτagonists of the…

15-06-2019 Hits:136 News

  The first day of the Bike Odyssey 2019 was successfully completed. The athletes showed up seemingly with the best they could offer, at a stage that admittedly someone could not come up with many conclusions.

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Periklis Ilias and Antoniadis Dimitris have the best time of…

15-06-2019 Hits:309 News

  The Prologue of Bike Odyssey was completed a while ago and the first results have begun to emerge.

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Everything is in place, Bike Odyssey is about to begin!!

15-06-2019 Hits:114 News

  The presentation of the team follows in a moment! Stay Tuned!  

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All set for the beginning of Bike Odyssey 2019 !!

15-06-2019 Hits:114 News

  Everything is in place for the launch of Bike Odyssey 2019!

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Bike Odyssey 2019 begins in a few hours!

15-06-2019 Hits:113 News

  Bike Odyssey is finally here!! The biggest Cycling Event in Greece begins in a few hours at 6 pm, and the whole cycling community as well as the sports community in general is in alert!!

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The countdown has begun

13-06-2019 Hits:168 News

Less than tree days have left for Bike Odyssey 2019.

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Just 5 days for the Bike Odyssey 2019!

11-06-2019 Hits:241 News

Only 5 days have left to start the unique adventure of Bike Odyssey 2019.

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Race Schedule

11-06-2019 Hits:393 News

The overall race schedule of Bike Odyssey 2019 has been finalized.

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Route Maps

04-06-2019 Hits:290 News

  We are pleased to announce that the updated maps of the Bike Odyssey 2019 race track and GPS are out.

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Bike Odyssey : K.Tithorea 1 Day Race 2019

29-05-2019 Hits:361 News

  For all of you who will not participate in the rest of the day's cycling program, you are given the unique opportunity to take part in the overnight race.

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Athanasios Diakos – Kato Tithorea: A unique stage that has…

28-05-2019 Hits:552 News

  It is the new stage of Bike Odyssey, which is an excellent route as it includes beautiful mountain paths as well as excellent flat-track tracks.

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For the 7th year the volunteer team E.O.E.D. supports “Bike…

21-05-2019 Hits:176 News

For yet another year the Volunteer Search and Rescue Team of Messolonghi will stand by Bike Odyssey by providing their services from 15th to 23rd June 2019.

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The developing Team of Pindus Vasilitsa at the side of…

13-05-2019 Hits:175 News

The developing Team of Pindus Vasilitsa seems to be emerging as a very precious ally of Bike Odyssey 2019!!

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18-04-2019 Hits:305 News

  The Association of Friends of Sports of Gerakas and Bikeexpert invite you to a press conference for Bike Odyssey, Greece's top cross country bike race and one of the toughest in the world.

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For the second consecutive year Mercedes Benz becomes the geatest…

13-04-2019 Hits:233 News

    For another year, Mercedes-Benz Hellas will be on the side of Bike Odyssey 2019 as its most valuable partner.

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The adventures of Odysseus on the mountain of Parnassus.

04-04-2019 Hits:333 News

  As a modern cycling Odyssey, Bike Odyssey always keeps connecting its stations with the rich mythological tradition of Greece. In the case of Kato Tithorea, this proved to be even easier, since Odysseus himself not only had relatives from Mount Parnassus but had also wandered on its slopes during his childhood. A more detailed reference is given in Homer’s Odyssey itself, in Rhapsody “τ”.

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A big turn for Bike Odyssey 2019: All roads lead…

19-03-2019 Hits:477 News

  Bike Odyssey proceeded to a big change, as the change of the route towards Kato Tithorea in the prefecture of Fthiotida was just finalized. More specifically, the course of the race makes a big turn after Athanasios Diakos, by heading to Kato Tithorea of ​​Fthiotida.

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13-03-2019 Hits:552 News

Due to the parallel run of two races for professional UCI athletes, the organization of the event decided to add another stage to the 3-days South Race, which now will be a 4-days Race.

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13-02-2019 Hits:419 News

  The organization of Bike Odyssey 2019 now enables the participants of the race to shape and order their uniforms for the event according to their imagination.

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31-01-2019 Hits:449 News

  The organization of Bike Odyssey 2019 has decided to extend the registration’s deadline for all races of the event (OPEN and UC.I.). This prolongation will last until mid-March, setting, this way, a new stage for this event.

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Krikello, full of snow !!

05-12-2018 Hits:762 News

One of Bike Odyssey's most distinctive stages, Krikello, put on its winter costume, as it is covered all over by snow.

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9 days and 4 days B.O.

9 Days BikeOdyssey

Start: Smixi, Finish: Kato Tothorea
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 9 Days
  • 620Km
  • 19.800 elevetion gain
  • 57 villages

4 Days North BikeOdyssey

Start: Smixi, Finish: Pyli
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 3 Days
  • 208 Km
  • 6.300 elevetion gain
  • 32 villages

4 Days South BikeOdyssey

Start: Krikelo, Finish: Kato Tithorea
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 4 Days
  • 226Km
  • 7.000 elevetion gain
  • 25 villages

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BikeOdyssey is an 9 days XC (Cross Country) bike race across the Pindos mountain range, in Greece. Is the toughest race in Greece and one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world.


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