BikeOdyssey 2018: 17 June - 24 June 2018

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The top three per race!

23-06-2018 Hits:79 News

    The 7th day of  Bike Odyssey is headed towards its end, and in turn gave us plenty of interesting battles and entertaining rivalries

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First place for Pedal Force One!!

23-06-2018 Hits:97 News

  Second consecutive victory for Papasavvas and Matsoukas!

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Τwo minutes difference between Pedal Force One and BikeBoard !!

23-06-2018 Hits:74 News

    Papasavvas and Matsoukas seem truly unstoppable for the first place!

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Pedal Force One still in first place by the 3rd…

23-06-2018 Hits:63 News

Papasavvas and Matsοukas remain in the lead!

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Pedal Force One in first place!!

23-06-2018 Hits:92 News

  Sinetairoi raise the lead!

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Α dynamic entrance for the 7th day of Bike Odyssey!

23-06-2018 Hits:88 News

  Chaos in the 8-days, as on one hand, five teams are very close to each other, with the two top teams in the overall ranking being in the leading group but not in the first places.

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The first teams passed by the 1st checkpoint!!

23-06-2018 Hits:81 News

  Chaos for the first place in the 8-days race!

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Sinetairoi in the lead!!

23-06-2018 Hits:85 News

    A group of three for the 8-days race !!

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The race has just begun!!

23-06-2018 Hits:68 News

The 7th day of Bike Odyssey 2018 has officially started and we are in alert  the first developments!!

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Everything ready for the 7th day of Bike Odyssey!!

23-06-2018 Hits:94 News

  Only the last touches were left for the launch of the 7th day of Bike Odyssey 2018! The athletes are ready to go and we are looking forward to see how another bicycle rhapsody unfolds.

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A great victory for Bike Board!!!

22-06-2018 Hits:138 News

    Dynamic start for Sinetairoi!

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Videos of Bike Odyssey 2018

22-06-2018 Hits:248 News

Below are listed the videos of each stage, at the Bike Odyssey 2018 race, so far:

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Second place for Pedal Force One !!

22-06-2018 Hits:228 News

  Still first in the overall ranking !!!

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BikeBoard win the 6th stage !!

22-06-2018 Hits:562 News

Sinetairoi win 1st stage of the 3-days-south race!!

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BikeBoard are back in the lead!!

22-06-2018 Hits:126 News

Sinetairoi  are headed steadfast for the first place !!!

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BikeBoard in first place by the 3rd Check Point !!

22-06-2018 Hits:83 News

  Sinetairoi widen their lead!!!

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Pedal Force One take the lead!

22-06-2018 Hits:57 News

The derby continues for the 8-day !!

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Unstoppable Sinetairoi !!!

22-06-2018 Hits:109 News

  They just passed by the 2nd checkpoint !!

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A big derby for the 8-days race at the 1st…

22-06-2018 Hits:93 News

Sinetairoi in the lead for the 3-days race!

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A group of three for the first place in the…

22-06-2018 Hits:90 News

First, by far, Sinetairoi for the 3-days!

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All set for the beginning of the 6th stage !!

22-06-2018 Hits:73 News

    First day for the southern 3-days race !!

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The teams of the Southern 3-days race have been presented…

21-06-2018 Hits:248 News

  The presentation of the athletes of the Southern 3-days race was held in a cordial atmosphere and was completed with great success.

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BikeBoard are the winners of Stage 5!!

21-06-2018 Hits:140 News

  Pedal Force One maintain the lead in the overall ranking!

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BikeBoard win Stage 5!!

21-06-2018 Hits:133 News

  Pedal Force One still in the lead in the overall ranking!

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Α phenomenal battle is happening in the 5th stage!!

21-06-2018 Hits:175 News

    From the first kilometers of today's route, in the graphic village of Krikello, two teams have already distinguished themselves, and are fighting for the leaders place.

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5th stage, a unique race!!

21-06-2018 Hits:110 News

  The 5ΤΗ stage is the shortest course of the race, and almost one-third of the average of the other stages of the event.

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21-06-2018 Hits:66 News


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Team BikeBoard wins stage 4!!

20-06-2018 Hits:710 News

    Team Pedal Force One maintains the blue jersey!

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The top three per checkpoint and finish!

20-06-2018 Hits:114 News

  Towards the end is headed the 4th stage of Bike Odyssey 2018, with the rest of the teams passing through the finish line one after the other.

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BikeBoard win stage 4!!

20-06-2018 Hits:373 News

  Pedal Force One still first in GC

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Animal Rights in 3rd place !!

20-06-2018 Hits:68 News

Ouzo? Azo! Rised to 4th place!

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Bike Board passed by the 3rd checkpoint, still in lead!!

20-06-2018 Hits:89 News

  Pedal Force One are now in second place!

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A group of three teams moves steadily four minutes behind…

20-06-2018 Hits:153 News

  4th place for the Ekopak Warriors 1

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Bike Board are the first to pass by 2nd …

20-06-2018 Hits:75 News

    They have widened the difference from Animal Rights!

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8 days and 3 days B.O.

8 Days BikeOdyssey

Start: Smixi, Finish: Nafpaktos
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 8 Days
  • 620Km
  • 19.800 elevetion gain
  • 57 villages

3 Days North BikeOdyssey

Start: Smixi, Finish: Pyli
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 3 Days
  • 208 Km
  • 6.300 elevetion gain
  • 32 villages

3 Days South BikeOdyssey

Start: Krikelo, Finish: Nafpaktos
  • Teams of 2 athletes
  • 3 Days
  • 220Km
  • 7.000 elevetion gain
  • 25 villages

Under the auspices of the Greek Tourism Organization



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BikeOdyssey is an 8 days XC (Cross Country) bike race across the Pindos mountain range, in Greece. Is the toughest race in Greece and one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world.


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