BikeOdyssey 2022: 16 - 18 of September 2022


Notice of Race


Bike Odyssey

Bike Expert and SY.F.A.GE. (Gerakas Friends Association of Sports) organize a 9-days event of mountain bike  UCI and Open races in the region of the prefectures of Grevena, Trikala, Evritania, Fokida and Phthiotida from 15 June 2019 to 23 June 2019, named Bike Odyssey.


The start point will be the village Smixi of the municipality of Grevena and the finish point will the city of Kato Tithorea of the municipality of Phthiotida, cycling across the mountain range of Pindus.


Bike Odyssey 1 (4-Days North) and Bike Odyssey 2 (4-Days South) are for UCI license holders, Category Elite Men, competing in teams of two individual riders. UCI Category for both races is S2. Races are open to maximum 200 teams.

Bike Odyssey 2019 will be carried out in teams of two individual riders and is open to all (adult) ages, provided they know mountain biking / road cycling and have very good physical condition. There will be the following categories:

    • Men
    • Mixed
    • Women
    • Master Men (The sum total of the ages of both participants must be 80 years and over)
    • Senior Men (The sum total of the ages of both participants must be 100 years and over)

The maximum number of participations is a total of 200 teams per category at Mtb race.

In order for one category to be valid it must have at least 6 partcipants. If there's a category with less than 6 participants, it will be assimilated with the next youngest category.


All participants are required to complete the application form and statutory declaration.
Registrations and declarations can be sent online (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and can be obtained from the website or from bikeexpert shop.

See the participation packages and the offers at the official site of the event Bike Odyssey Packages.

You can deposit the money into the bank account of 
IBAN: GR8201106620000066240077199

or money transfer via paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Caution: The athlete is charged with the bank or money transfer costs.

Participants who wish to cancel no refunds will be given.


The route has a total length of 620 km., 19,800 m elevation gains and passes through 57 villages of mountainous Greece, crossing the Pindus Mountains. There are few sections covered with asphalt, several paths while 85% of the race route is covered by soil.

Bike Odyssey 1 (4-Days North) and Bike Odyssey 2 (4-Days South) have o duration of four days. Each stage starts and finishes at the central square of the starting and finishing villages of each stage.

Bike Odyssey 2019 consists of nine stages and seven villages-stations. Each stage starts and finishes at the central square of the starting and finishing villages of each stage.


Each day, the 5 teams that will finish first in the corresponding stage will be awarded, and the winning team of the overall classification will win the leader's jersey (blue colour for the 9-days race, orange colour for the 4-days UCI and Open races). The prizes will be awarded immediately according to schedule. On the last day, after the finish of the race, the first 5 teams by category (based on total time) and the first 6 teams of the General Classification will be awarded.

Regarding Bike Odyssey 1 (4-Days North) and Bike Odyssey 2 (4-Days South), UCI points will be awarded. depending on the ranking of the team at the General Classification at the end of each race.



The race schedule will be announced soon.


Anything unexpected occurs or any claims will be settled on the spot.
If anyone come up against a mechanical problem has to repair the damage himself. In case of abandonment for any reason (mechanical failure, crash, injury, etc.) should inform the nearest judge. 


During race of mountain biking has predicted from the organization to be three water supply points for athletes at each stage.
Each athlete is required to carry the necessary food and water that will ensure the completion of the race.


See detailed regulations on the official site of the event Rules & Regulations


The organization reserves the right to amend these rules of the race without prior notice if it is necessary. In no case any change shall alter the style of the race.


It is appropriate each athlete to:

  1. Consult the weather report one day before the race to prepare suitable clothing and equipment that will select for the race.
  2. Examine the elevation profile in order to know the signs of intense climbs.
  3. Reach to the secretariat of the race in time in order to get number.
  4. Ensure to check the water supply points and calculate if there are enough of them or have to bring and his/her own liquids or foods.
  5. Have attention to the signs during the race. The mountain and the paths are quite different compared to the races in one stage or asphalt.
  6. Turn back on the route as he/she came in case he/she gets lost until he/she finds the point that was within the correct path.

We respect nature and our teammates:

  • Do not throw trash in the woods outside of the predetermined check points. The forest must be left clean.
  • Do not park cars outside the designated areas. The wheels of the car do damage.
  • Do not push our teammates when we are in our narrow point. We just ask them to make us room in a courteous manner.
  • When someone moves slowly and slow athletes who follow him, must step aside to pass the faster ones.
  • We help if we see someone to be injured or if get the wrong way.
  • Refer to the next station or judge that will meet, if injuries occur.
  • Do not abandon the race without informing first in person the organizer or the nearest judge.
  • Do not bother the timers asking for results while the race is in progress.
  • Do not move cars during the race and on the route of the race. There are athletes who still run and we deprive them the area.
  • No smoke in the woods. There is always a risk of fire.


BikeOdyssey is an 8 days XC (Cross Country) bike race across the Pindos mountain range, in Greece. Is the toughest race in Greece and one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world.


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