BikeOdyssey 2023: 15 - 17 of September 2023


Bike Odyssey 2014 - Α second group of teams !


Strong participation in Bike Odyssey 2014




George and Iordanis
George Tsoulouxas, 34 years old, and Iordanis, 35 years old, are "Pegasus Xanthi team" and as its name reveals, is coming from Xanthi. George has not only a rich experience from his participation in cycling races but also took part in Bike Odyssey 2013, where he achieved third place. Iordanis is cycling since 1999 and he has also participated in many, big cycling races. With this valuable experience and their enthusiasm for taking part in Bike Odyssey, both of them, will fight for the title.






Antonis and Andreas
Antonis Kourtis, 52 years old, and Andreas Gotsis, 40 ears old, will participate in the race as the "Wolves" team. Antonis from Athens and Andreas from Patra will meet at the mountains of Pindus to live the experience of Bike Odyssey race. Both of them have a big experience in cycling races. Andreas, furthermore, participated, last year in Bike Odyssey. A participation, which is a big advantage for the team, as he is aware of the race's character and its difficulties. Their expectation, are big and they have every reason for that.





George and Dimitris
George Echarxos, 48 years old, and Dimitris Konstantinou, 53 years old, are the team "Fterota Petalia". The participants have the knowhow in cycling distances of many kilometers. Something that is an important advantage as the kilometers that have to cycle in this race are a lot...George participated yesterday in the 3-day Bike Odyssey. This year, with a new teammate, has new goals, more hard and demanding.






George and Alexanderb_150_150_16777215_00_images_GIORGOS111.jpg
George Matthaiou, 24 years old, and Alexander Papandreou, 29 years old, are "Samos Team" and as it is natural they come from Samos island of course. It is the youngest team participating in Bike Odyssey and has some experience in mountain races as allows them their age of course. As indicated by the same, it is a real challenge for them just to finish the race in order to test their limits.







Tasos and ?
Tasos Koumenidis, 35 years, is from Athens and last minute he was left without a partner because of the second's injury. He has extensive experience in adventure races and specifically in Bike Odyssey since it's the second year that he will participate. It still remains a mystery who athlete will be his new teammate...

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BikeOdyssey is an 8 days XC (Cross Country) bike race across the Pindos mountain range, in Greece. Is the toughest race in Greece and one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world.


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