BikeOdyssey 2023: 15 - 17 of September 2023

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BIKE ODYSSEY 20-21-22/9/24 3 DAYS

07-06-2024 Hits:1004 News

  Bike Odyssey 20-21-22/9/24 3 DAYS is coming. It will be the 11th year of the competition in its short version of 3 days and it will take place again this year in Kato Tithorea.

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Bike Odyssey 2023: Φωτογραφίες

21-09-2023 Hits:9317 News


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Bike Festival 2023: Δύο αγώνες XCC για τις μικρές κατηγορίες

06-09-2023 Hits:18932 News

  Πιο συγκεκριμένα γίνονται στο ήδη υπάρχον πρόγραμμα οι εξής προσθήκες:

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Bike Festival 2023: The registration are still open

04-09-2023 Hits:5124 News

We are counting down for the Bike Odyssey 2023 you still can register for the race.

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26-08-2023 Hits:1456 News

The Bike Odyssey 3Days is especially interesting in terms of ratings.

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Bike Odyssey 2023: ROUTES

23-08-2023 Hits:2007 News

We present you the routes of Bike Odyssey 2023. In the pictures below you can see the maps, the altitude differences and also the time and the speed of a normal athlete.

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Bike Festival 2023: The battle (of the leaders) for the…

28-07-2023 Hits:1989 News

  Big and exciting battles are expected for the athletes who will take part in this year's Bike Odyssey, in order to take the leader’s jersey.

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Bike Festival 2023: Routes and History

27-07-2023 Hits:1621 News

  The athletes who will take part in this year's Bike Odyssey will have the opportunity to cycle in an area with a rich history. In the area of ​​Tithorea, the Photian city of the same name was located since ancient times. According to Herodotus the inhabitants of the surrounding cities that were destroyed by the Persian army of Xerxes fled to this area and created Tithorea. After the removal of the Persians the Phocaeans fortified their city and parts of the ancient city walls will be seen by the cyclists during the race.

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Bike Festival 2023: Volunteers

26-07-2023 Hits:2146 News

  Like every year the residences of Kato Tithorea are impatiens to held in their area Bike Festival 2023 and they are going to help the organisers as volunteers.

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Bike Festival 2023: Continuous update of the race

24-07-2023 Hits:1555 News

  And the 3 days of the races will exist continuous reporting and immediate announcement of the intermediate times in at least 3 points will be available to the athletes participating in the race,

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Bike Festival 2023: Highlight of the race!

21-07-2023 Hits:1952 News

  As every year in Bike Odyssey and this year every afternoon we will show at the central square of Kato Tithorea the highlights of each day races.

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Presentation of the teams

21-07-2023 Hits:1406 News

  As we used to do in older version of Bike Odyssey, at this year Bike Festival we will have again the presentation of the teams.

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3 Days Bike Odyssey 2022:

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