Bike Odyssey 2023: 15 - 17 Σεπτεμβρίου 2023


There are several cycling races in Greece, but not like the particular one.
 An eight days cycling race, so tough, so cruel and so demanding, does not exist nor in Greece neither in the rest of the world. It was baptized Bike Odyssey, a name inspired from the Odyssey of Homers, because the difficulties and the sufferings for completing this race are similar to those that Odysseus himself passed to return home. It is really important to cross with a bike in eight consecutive days the mountains of Pindos, the biggest   mountain range of Greece with the highest pick at 2,637 meters.
 For all participants of this cycling race deserves in advance a big thumbs up and a wish of good luck.

Pindos, the largest mountain range in Greece, will host for first time this year the toughest cycling race: the Bike Odyssey. This cycling race will start on 26th of May from Laista village of Zagorochoria in Ioannina and will end up to Amfikleia of Fthiotida, near the mountain of Parnassos.  

This race will take place for the first time in Greece and aspires to gain many followers around the world. Intermediate mountain villages that the race will pass through are totally 41, while the intermediate stations are: Anthousa at Trikala, Argithea at Karditsa, Agrafa at Karditsa, Megali Kapsi at Fthiotida, Athanasios Diakos or Mousounitsa at Fokida and Gravia at Fokida.

"Bike Odyssey" will take place on May 26 - June 2, 2013 and only for this year we will apply the discounted price of 300 € (-40%) per person and the following customized package of basic benefits.

Package Details

Your registration and payment gives you practically everything you need to get from the start to the finish, both on and off your bike! The package includes:

-        trail book covering the route of the race

-        free-of-charge download of the trail book  and gps edition

-        drinks and food two various check points / food (local dishes – reach meals) at stops along the trail

-        drink and food options at the finish of each stage –pasta party

-        1 racer bath towel and T-Shirt

-        starting / bib numbers and official time-measurement

-        daily postings of stage results and current rankings at the race office  

-        1 finisher shirt (only for official finisher of the GC)

-        Winners cup, for the first of each category and the GC. Race medal for the first 6 teams of each category and the GC . Medal and certificate of participation for all

-        technical assistance / services at the finish of each stage  

-        Professional Medical Team and Medical Support

-        Pre-Race Briefings

-        Awards &Ceremony at the Finish Line of the race

-        Luggage transportation between stations

-        Availability of indoor spaces or camps to sleep and shower.

-        Bicycle-pressure cleaning machine.

*       Bus rides to Start Line / from Finish Line, if needed  and between etap after demand (charged additional)

 During the three months remaining for the start of the race there may be additions that will improve the basic package.

The participation fee is: 300 € per person (taxes included 23%)

Mr Chris Gatselos sent us the following  welcome note- greeting:

b_100_100_16777215_00_images_stories_gatselos.jpg"The beautiful village of Laista welcomes this  May a unique sporting event «Bike Odyssey». Our village will embrace the organization, will host athletes and friends of mountain biking, and support the effort of organizers and volunteers.
We are honored that the first stage will take place in our village. In turn we will give our best in order to support this special event! "

Chris Gatselos
President Laista Community

A valuable asset to the organization of the race is the support of the locals.

The local communities of the villages that will host stages of Bike Odyssey will support the efforts of the organizers.
“Bike Odyssey” is much more than a great sporting event and a great race ∙ it is an event that will promote the country and the beautiful lands of Pindos within and across borders.

A unique event that aims to contribute in the tourist development of the area. Local communities receive the organization through the greetings of their Presidents, as you can see at the respective stages – stations.

"Megali Kapsi" is the new village-station!

This village  enters the path of Bike Odyssey! "Megali Kapsi" replaces the village of "Grammeni Oksia" at the new route that was announced a few days ago.
So the fourth stage will start from "Agrafa" and  will terminate at Megali Kapsi (Fthiotida area). It is a beautiful village at the foot of Tymfristos, more information for which can be found here:

Αναζήτηση στα νέα

Το BikeOdyssey είναι ένας 8ήμερος XC (Cross Country) ποδηλατικός αγώνας που διασχίζει την οροσειρά της Πίνδου. Είναι ο δυσκολότερος αγώνας στην Ελλάδα και ένας από τους δυσκολότερους παγκοσμίως.


Συμπληρώστε τα στοιχεία σας στην παρακάτω φόρμα και θα λαμβάνετε τα ενημερωτικά emails του BikeOdyssey.


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