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Bike Odyssey 2022

Bike Expert and SY.F.A.GE. (Gerakas Friends Association of Sports) organize a 3-days event of mountain inter club and Open race in the region of Kato Tithorea from 16-18 September 2022, named Bike Odyssey.


The start and the end point of the race will be in Kato Tithorea, in the prefecture of Fthiotida. The route will cross Parnassos mountain.


The Bike Odyssey 3-day race is for athletes that have a Hellenic Cycling Federation card valid for 2022 and can participate male-female Elite categories, Masters with all sub-categories, as defined by regulations of EOP.

Also, there will be sportive (open) categoriew. Particularly, open categories will be: Α1(19-29), A2(30-39), A3(40-49), A4(50+). For this mtb race, the maximum number of participants is a total of 100 athletes per category. Minimum number of athletes per category is 10. In case a category is not completed, it will be integrated in the next youngest category.


All participants are required to complete the application form and statutory declaration.Registrations and declarations can be sent online (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and can be obtained from the website

The participation fee for all categories (official and sportive/open) is 50€ for registrations until August 31 and 60€ from September 1 onwards and must be paid to the following  account number:

You can deposit the money into the bank account of 
IBAN: GR8201106620000066240077199

Caution: The athlete is charged with the bank or money transfer costs.

Participants who wish to cancel no refunds will be given.


The route has a total length of 150 km., 3,200 m elevation gains and is crossing through 7 villages of the area. There are few sections covered with asphalt, several paths while 85% of the race route is covered by soil.

The Bike Odyssey 2022 has a duration of three days. Each stage starts and finishes at the central square of KATO TITHOREA.

NOTE: The final route is terms of distance and elevation will be announced 10 days before the race.


Prizes will be awarded to the first 6 athletes in each category and the first overall in each stage. The first athlete in the general classification will win the leader's jersey (blue colour). The prizes will be awarded immediately after the end of each stage.


The race schedule will be announced soon.


Anything unexpected occurs or any claims will be settled on the spot.
If anyone come up against a mechanical problem has to repair the damage himself. In case of abandonment for any reason (mechanical failure, crash, injury, etc.) should inform the nearest judge. 


During race of mountain biking has predicted from the organization to be three water supply points for athletes at each stage.
Each athlete is required to carry the necessary food and water that will ensure the completion of the race.


See detailed regulations on the official site of the event Rules & Regulations


The organization reserves the right to amend these rules of the race without prior notice if it is necessary. In no case any change shall alter the style of the race.


It is appropriate each athlete to:

  1. Consult the weather report one day before the race to prepare suitable clothing and equipment that will select for the race.
  2. Examine the elevation profile in order to know the signs of intense climbs.
  3. Reach to the secretariat of the race in time in order to get number.
  4. Ensure to check the water supply points and calculate if there are enough of them or have to bring and his/her own liquids or foods.
  5. Have attention to the signs during the race. The mountain and the paths are quite different compared to the races in one stage or asphalt.
  6. Turn back on the route as he/she came in case he/she gets lost until he/she finds the point that was within the correct path.

We respect nature and our teammates:

  • Do not throw trash in the woods outside of the predetermined check points. The forest must be left clean.
  • Do not park cars outside the designated areas. The wheels of the car do damage.
  • Do not push our teammates when we are in our narrow point. We just ask them to make us room in a courteous manner.
  • When someone moves slowly and slow athletes who follow him, must step aside to pass the faster ones.
  • We help if we see someone to be injured or if get the wrong way.
  • Refer to the next station or judge that will meet, if injuries occur.
  • Do not abandon the race without informing first in person the organizer or the nearest judge.
  • Do not bother the timers asking for results while the race is in progress.
  • Do not move cars during the race and on the route of the race. There are athletes who still run and we deprive them the area.
  • No smoke in the woods. There is always a risk of fire.

The  «Bike Odyssey» is a mtb race in which can participate official and open athletes. The categories are the following:

    • Men
    • Women
    • Master (with all the sub-categories)
    • Open Categories: Α1(19-29), Α2(30-39),  Α3(40-49), Α4(50+), e-bikes

For this mtb race, the maximum number of participants is a total of 100 athletes per category. Minimum number of athletes per category is 10. In case a category is not completed, it will be integrated in the next youngest category.

There are no other categories apart from those mentioned above and specifically no other age class categories.

Following the first stage, the leading athletes of the g.c. in each category is awarded classification jerseys, which they are required to wear during the subsequent stage. Analogously, this applies to each of the ensuing stages, where by the jerseys may only be worn by the current leaders of the g.c.  in their respective categories.

Take a look of the pioneer of g.c. jersey   


8d mpros



Bike Odyssey: The Vision


"The conception of ​​"Bike Odyssey" begun with two people, Makrigiannis Christos and Spagouros Alkiviadis, who have a long course with mountain biking. For this vision to come to life, Bike Expert, supervised by Makrigiannis Christos, contributes with the organization of Bike Odyssey and set Spagouros Alkiviadis as a consultant for the completion of the race in the best way possible. Every year, both of them are in front of the starting line of "Bike Odyssey" to welcome and prepare all athletes for this challenging race."

Chris Makrygiannis




As an athlete he has been involved in cycling, climbing, trail running and  enduro. His passion for cycling led him to take part in many athletic events  in Greece and internationally. He has participated in many races in America, athletic events such as «Ride For Roses" (charity event in Texas-organized by Lance Armstrong Foundation) and races in Europe (such as the "JEANTEX Bike Transalp" - 8 days cross the Alps). These  are some of the highlights of his - over decade- involvement in sport. In addition, except from managing the Bike Expert and the Bike Odyssey, he is also the founder of the B&N Cycling website, whose B&N Cycling Team is actively involved in cycling, running, multisports and is also a member of the SY.F.A.GE. (Association of Friends of Sport in Gerakas).



Alcibiades Spagkouros


Alcibiades Spagkouros was born in Athens. He currently lives and works in Athens as a professional rescuer. His experience in difficult rescues in many remote areas in Greece is vast. He has traveled and explored the uplands as part of naturalistic activities. His great love is cycling and mountain running with a lot of racing experience and many awards. Alkiviadis Spagouros has a lot of experience in the area of Pindos and this makes him the most suitable person to have in "Bike Odyssey" after he has crosed the route as planned in the eight days race.







Bike Expert

Bike Expert is a bike store located in Gerakas on the 31th Agiou Ioannou Theologoy street, in Athens. Bike Expert organizes mtb races like “Bike Odyssey”. At the same time, they take part in other successful bike events like Mtb Circuit Gerakas, Ladonas Mountain Race, Parnitha Adventure Cup, Antique Xpert, Bicycle Hunt Treasure while also being a sponsor in many other sport events. Bike expert specializes in two things, in the restoration of vintage – retro bicycles and also in the organization of “Bike Odyssey” where every year a unique journey of bikes takes place in Pindos. It comes as no surprise that after many successful years of races the team of Bike Expert is very well trained on everything regarding the race.

Also, you can visit our e-shop at for anything you may need for your bicucle!








B & N Cycling(Bike and Nature Cycling)


B & N Cycling is a website with a journalism tone through which people who love bicycles are can get the latest news on them. It is also a communication sponsor for the "Bike Odyssey" broadcasting the race the race from its preparation until after its completion. It goes without saying, the B & N Cycling Team is a group of people with extensive experience in cycling and nature.

The team already was established in 2005 and since then there is a dynamic presence in domestic competitions and events in other countries as well. Apart from their active presence in races, team members have experience in organizing  mtb races and athletic events.

Also, you can visit the site for your daily briefing about cycling.





"Gerakas Friends Association of Sports"  as the name suggests, moves around sports i.e.  sports activity mainly concerning  mtb races, mountain  running, multisports etc. all around Greece.








The website is behing popular races and events. Mtbxpert's has a great experience in organizing races, events focusing on cycling.



Some of the best events organized by mtbxpert:




b_178_267_16777215_00_images_AFISA_ANTIQUE_2013_small.jpg b_173_268_16777215_00_images_afisa_galatas_m.jpg b_181_267_16777215_00_images_bazaar_afisa_2012__small.jpg b_178_267_16777215_00_images_AFISA-IKARIA-2013x300.jpg


Contact: Chris Makrygiannis
Phone Number: 697 9973675

  1.  Invitation
    The race organizer reserves the right to invite additional teams.
  2. Prerequisite
    After expiration of registration forms the organizer will determine whether the implementation of race is possible.
  3. Categories
    "Bike Odyssey" is a team competition. Participants must form teams of two members. There will be one general category.
    Following the first stage, the leading team is awarded classification jerseys, which it is required to wear during the subsequent stage. Analogously, this applies to each of the ensuing stages, where by the jerseys may only be worn by the current leaders. First will be the team that in the end of each stage has the lowest cumulative time.
  4. Race Procedures
    "Bike Odyssey" is a race, which follows a specific, predetermined course of action and procedures.
    4.1 Briefings
    Participant briefings will be held each evening (in the context of the pasta party) prior to and every morning immediately before the start of a stage. It is the objective of these briefings to call the participants' attention to the characteristics and peculiarities of each upcoming stage, in particular danger areas and hazards. Briefings will be held by the race director and participation by all participants is obligatory.
    4.2 Time measurements
    The valid time the a team will be the time of the last of the two team members.
    4.3 Start procedures
    Start positions will be assumed 45 minutes before the official starting time of each stage. On the first day of the race, titleholders, professional racers and VIP racers will be grouped in a starting block ahead of all other participants. Behind this block, the positions of all other racers will be determined by the teams' starting numbers. On all subsequent stages, race organizers will determine the starting positions according to the teams' respective overall standing.
    Each start is marked by a single starting signal at which time-taking commences, typically at 9am apart from the Prologue and the 7th Stage that start at 10:30 am. In turn, all racers have the same starting time irrespective of their position in the starters' field. The winner of a stage is the race team that crosses the finish line first, under the provision that no penalties were accrued during the stage.
    This process also applies in case of a neutralized start. During the neutralization period it is prohibited to pass other racers and, in particular, any pilot vehicles or motorcycles.
    From the moment of the official start, start logistics are maintained for a total of 10 minutes. Racers that set off late from the start location will commence the stage with an according time handicap. Participants that show up for the start more than ten minutes late will not be admitted to participate in the stage and accordingly would not be considered in that day's placement.
    If a participant does not get any startup one day, the team loses any rights to claim a title, but may be included in the official ranking with penalty and not as official termination.
    4.4 Checking along the route
    There are at least three checkpoints in each stage, the position of which remains unknown to the riders but everyone should at these points to state their race number. For each checkpoint not pass - one contestant will be penalized with 50 minutes at the end of the stage.
    4.5 Procedures for termination
    There are similar procedures for checking at the termination point. At finish line all riders must be reported to calculate their ranking at this stage and their overall ranking as well.
  5. Abandonment
    Participants who do not reach the endpoint at some stages, due to injury or mechanical failure would have a time penalty of two hours of the time of the latter and could not be the ultimate winners of the race, but they can join next stages without being considered as official finishers.
    The team that will abandon even some measures or half stage can claim the next stage, will take the appropriate penalty, ie the time of the last finisher of the stage plus two hours and in the official classification cannot overtake any team that has completed all stages, even if the sum of the time of the first one with the penalties comes less from the time of the second one. In this case, the team with the penalties classified in last place and competes with another team of similar case. A team that does not get a startup one day or has abandoned two times, cannot join the next stage, will take the appropriate penalty, ie the time of the last finisher of the stage plus two hours, and can only compete with teams of similar case.
    5.1 Withdrawal
    Those participants who - for whatever reason - cannot or do not want to continue the race are obliged to immediately inform the director of the race or, alternatively, call the emergency telephone number which will be announced. Without informing the organizer of the event reserves the right to carry out search and rescue mission by the authorities of an emergency, the cost of which will be charged on the participant's negligence to inform.
    Participants who leave the race, must return the transponder and bib number to the personel in charge .
    The notice of withdrawal from the race and the return of the equipment shall be communicated to the manager or managers of the race in person.
    5.2 Official end of a stage
    Official end of a stage - time maximum : As the official end of a stage is the time of the sunset – if the director of the race deems it necessary to appoint a new end time ,has the right to do so and the participants will be informed.
    Cyclists who use other means of transport except that of organization’s (other than the bike -ie motor vehicles, etc. ) will be disqualified.
    In each case, participants can join the next stage and remain in the official classification.
    5.3 Absences
    Exclusion from the classification will be imposed if a rider does not appear at all in one stage. In cases of emergency, where the participants have a good reason to delay more than 10 minutes after the start, the decision race (if the contestant can begin belatedly and remain in the official classification) lies upon the discretion of the director of the.
    5.4 Finishers
    Only participants who have completed each stage of the race in accordance with all conditions and regulations shall be deemed official «finishers ". Anyone who - for whatever reason - is not able to complete a stage, may leave the official classification , but it will not be considered as "finishers" of "Bike Odyssey".
  6. Equipment
    6.1 Helmet
    Each and every rider must wear an appropriate helmet throughout the whole race. Helmets must be constructed according to safety standards.
    6.2 Clothing and emergency tools
    Each Participant «Bike Odyssey» is expected to be equipped according to the requirements of an 8-day mountain bike race. Appropriate attire for any kind of weather and first aid kits are minimum necessary. We recommend that you take with you additional tools and spare parts. E-Bike (power assisted) are not allowed .
    6.3 Bib numbers
    Each participant receives a start number - which must be fitted to the bicycle and be visible in all stages. Each number is unique and identifies a single competitor. Each bib number will be scanned at the beginning, at all checkpoints and at finish.
    6.4 Key card
    Each Participant «Bike Odyssey» receives a card indicating the name and the number of the participant. The access card is necessary during the race and is required to identify the approach to restricted areas and technical services, etc. Any abuse of entry card, for example, access by unauthorized persons to services intended only for the participant, will result in immediate exclusion .
  7. Various
    7.1 Protection of the environment
    "Bike Odyssey" passes through the impressive mountain range of Pindos. Environmental protection is imperative. Whoever throws trash or any object (including water bottles) beyond the predetermined allowable points will be penalized 60 minutes. The third sentence of this kind results in disqualification without recourse.
    7.2 Help from others
    "Bike Odyssey" is a team race. Therefore, participants are prohibited to accept any help from other people - except in cases of accident, injury or other emergency. Food , drinks , clothes or parts may be accepted during the event. It is strictly prohibited a contestant to be pushed or pulled by persons other than his team. Nor may be driven by non - official support vehicles.
    7.3 Doping
    The organizers of the race "Bike Odyssey" will expel anyone - with the intention of ensuring better performance - uses in any way illegal drugs. The organizers expressly reserve the right to perform anytime unannounced doping controls.
    7.4 Technical Support
    Technical staff of "Bike Odyssey" will provide technical services and assistance to participants of the race in both the start and finish of each stage, whilethere will berepair kitsalso in catering points. The maintenance work is generally free, but cleaning is not part of the free services. Any parts needed for repairs will be offered by partners of «Bike Odyssey» at retail prices.
    7.5 Traction
    It is allowed team members to support each other by pushing or pulling. For safety reasons, it is prohibited to use any kind of appliance or mechanical assistance. There will be frequent controls for that.
    There are two special rules:
    The "Bike Odyssey" takes place on public roads and the opposite lane will not be closed. Stay on the right side of the road or trail.
    Participants must obey the instructions of uniformed officers (police , firemen, etc.)
    7.6 Team separation
    Participants must ride with their team partner at all times and must not separate more than the allowable limit of 2 minutes.
    Riders’ separation may be measured at the start and finish of each stage and at various designated check points during the stage, but can also be enforced at any point during the race. Riders’ separation may be measured more than once during any stage and the appropriate penalties may be applied for each time.
    A rider is allowed to “double back” on the route at any time in order to rejoin his/her teammate provided that he/she shall not endanger any other rider in doing so.
  8. Rules
    8.1 - «Bike Odyssey» take place on public roads and trails used by others. In turn, all riders must meet applicable regulations (national traffic rules) - even if they operate in race mode .
    8.2 - Stay on the right side of the road or trail.
    8.3 - The slower participants must be set aside to outpace faster riders, who clearly have this intention, especially on steep sections.
    8.4 – "Fair play" and justice apply to each participant.
    8.5 - Riders must run with their bikes in their abilities. In all sections (trails and roads ), especially those with blind spots they must behave with the utmost care and caution . Participants should be prepared for sudden maneuvers at any time, but especially on downhill sections. Caution : the streets are public and will not be closed especially for the "Bike Odyssey".
    8.6 - All should beware of pedestrians.
    8.7 - In case of injury or mechanical damage , it is imperative , if possible - to put aside yourself and your bike to rectify the fault.
    8.8 - In case of sprint between riders at the finish area, you may not change lanes.
    8.9 - In no case may be traversed closed railway crossings.
    8.10 – Do not discard waste or bottles!
  9. Race Director, Jury, protests, penalties and other sanctions
    It is the responsibility of the Director of the race to make decisions about the event and the actions during the race.
    9.1 Protests
    There is a possibility that the intentional or unintentional violation of the rules arise from both the participants and the organizer of the race. If the managers of the race and the commissioners do not give a satisfactory solution to any violation of rules, there is the possibility of protest from anyone interested (must be submitted on the day on which the incident occurred ).
    9.2 Penalties and other sanctions
    It would not be impossible to list all the possible violations of the rules of the race. Therefore, only some of them listed below. However, the director of the race in conjunction with the organizers may impose sanctions for acts and offenses not listed in the list below .
    The penalty will always be a time penalty in the first instance, unless the seriousness of the offense is such that - in the latter case the integral - imposed blockade of the participant.





    False information in race registration




    Non officially approved helmet, not worn/not closed properly


    30 minutes


    Help from outside

    20 minutes

    40 minutes

    2 hours

    Not respecting the environment and the infrastructures


    30 minutes


    Anti-sportive behavior/unfair play


    30 minutes


    Skipping or missing a time checkpoint & shortcuts

    50 minutes / checkpoint



    Starting from a privileged position when there is no right


    20 minutes


    Altering, removing, obscuring a rider’s identification number


    30 minutes


    Leader’s jersey not worn properly

    10 minutes

    30 minutes


    Violating Organizing Team’s indications

    2 hours



    Positing at doping check




    Throwing or leaving waste/food/drink/bottles along the route


    30 minutes


    Team separation more than 2 minutes

    20 minutes

    40 minutes


    Transfer athlete from the organization in order to provide first aid / repair bike

    60 minutes



    Intentional dangerous maneuvers that endanger other athletes




    Abandon a stage

    Last finisher’s time + 2 hours with ability to join the next stage

    Last finisher’s time + 2 hours without ability to join the next stage


    Not starting a stage

    Last finisher’s time + 2 hours without ability to join the next stage



    Useother means of transport (except of the organization’s ) except bicycle



    Athlete that do not carry with him/her the card with the emergency phones of the organization in all stages 10 minutes 20 minutes Disqualification
    9.3 Change of route
    The race director reserves the right to change the route even just before the start of each stage, making the total distance greater or smaller.
    The organizers of the race, if it is necessary due to hazardous weather conditions, can stop a stage or define new finish point.


* Changes in regulations may be made so it is good to visit the site frequently. The changes will be highlighted in red.

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BikeOdyssey is an 8 days XC (Cross Country) bike race across the Pindos mountain range, in Greece. Is the toughest race in Greece and one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world.


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