BikeOdyssey 2023: 15 - 17 of September 2023


Package details for the "3 days" race

Services for all:

  • Ambulance
  • Doctor care
  • Route marking
  • Rescue group throughout each stage
  • Neck strap with tag with all the emergency phones of the organization
  • Bib number and Timing (at predetermined points during the stage and at the finish)
  • Technical support at the beginning, at the end and during the stages*
  • 10% discount on all parts
  • Medical assistance at the beginning, at the end and during the stages
  • Catering points on three spots during each stage with local products and energy-rich bars/drinks etc.
  • Briefings- projections before each stage
  • Ceremony at the end stages
  • Bicycle Washing point - pressure washer
  • Daily posting of the results
  • View highlights from each stage during rest time (every day after the race)
  • Transfer in case of damage or accident
  • Tags with the bib number for the luggage of each athlete


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Standard Package
230€ / athele (no offer cost)
120€ / athlete (offer 1)
150€ / athlete (offer 2)
180€ / athlete (offer 3)
(read more about the offers bellow)
*for more information about E-BIKE category see below this table

With registration you get the basic package which includes:

Route directions
  • Route directions in booklet - roadbook
  • Electronic version of the route and version for gps

Meals on each stage end with a special coupon (Pasta Party).

Technical t-shirt of the race.

Availability on safe closed spaces - camp for overnight (with shower - wc).

Luggage transport
Luggage transport service between stages, you can bring with you up to 2 pieces of luggage for free any additional luggage will be charged.

Medal and certificate
Medal and certificate for all competitors.

Athlete’s insurance (individual) for liability and for injury.

Access to low-resolution photos via the official site and our page on facebook.
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Super Package
620€ / athele (no offer cost)
470€ / athlete (offer 1)
500€ / athlete (offer 2)
530€ / athlete (offer 3)
(read more about the offers bellow)
*for more information about E-BIKE category see below this table
With registration you get the basic package which includes:

Cycling shirt

Special cycling shirt "Bike Odyssey".


Travel bag

Sac voyage "Bike Odyssey".



Photos and videos of the race in high resolution in digital form


Accommodation in hotels, hostels or lodgings with breakfast.

Transfer from Athens to the start point and return (depending on route and from intermediate cities) or Thessaloniki (if there is enough demand).

Retention of bicycle's bage
Delivery of the bicycle's bag at Bike Expert before the begining of the race and retention of it until the finishing of the race.
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1st Offer - Blue
All teams that participated in Bike Odyssey the last year. If only one of the two athletes participated in Bike Odyssey the last year, then the other athlete will automatically receive the yellow offer.

2nd Offer - Yellow
The first 3 new teams that will register for Bike Odyssey 2020 will get a discount on participation package of their choice.

3rd Offer - Green
The 5 following new teams  that will register for Bike Odyssey 2020 will get a discount on participation packages.





* The standard package includes technical support for damages' repairing. For more complete service packages see here

** In case there will be a problem in a team, eg a rider's injury, the other rider may declare a new teammate up to a month and a half before the start of the race. Under no circumstances can change both athletes of the team.

*** In order to be a team’s participation valid, a 20% payment in advance must be made until 15/01/2020 and pay the rest amount until 20/02/2020. The teams that will register after the official end of the registrations have to pay directly the amount of the package that they have chosen in order to be accepted. The athlete is charged with the bank or money transfer costs.

Registrations will remain open until 31/12/2019.

More Info about E-BIKEs

As in standard or super package, with the extra charge of the bellow:

  • Guiding
    3 Days Race 120€ (including VAT)
    It includes:
  • Accompany by a certified mtb M.I.A.S (mountain bike instructor) and a First Aid-certified driver (1 x driver / 6-person)
  • First Aid for riders
  • Technical support for bicycles on the route
  • Route study and daily briefing (alternative routes, where necessary)
  • Care for battery and charging.
  • E-BIKE Rental
    3 Days Race 280 €
    (including VAT)
    It includes e-bike rental, with additional half-battery (an extra battery that will be used for 2 bikes). If the rider is over 95kg, an extra battery with extra charge upon request will be required.

    In the case of E-BIKE Rental the rider is required:
    1. To use the electric assistance at ecomode, which is to use 50% of the bike's assistance, throughout the race. If another mode is to be used by the rider, which is to use more than 50% of the bike's assistance, we are not responsible for not having enough autonomy until the finish line.
    2. To wash his/her bike daily at the end of each stage.

  • Service package (Optional)
    3 Days Race 50€







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BikeOdyssey is an 8 days XC (Cross Country) bike race across the Pindos mountain range, in Greece. Is the toughest race in Greece and one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world.


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