BikeOdyssey 2019: 15 June - 23 June 2019


7th Stage: Athanasios Diakos - Ano Chora

  • Total Distance: 84,42 km
  • Elev. Gain (+): 2.119 m

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ano xoraAno Chora is a mountainous village of prefecture of Aitoloakarnania at the area of Mountainous ​​Nafpaktia. It is built at an altitude of 1,060 meters on the western edges of Vardousia on the slopes of the hill called Kerasovouni, and is one of the most mountainous villages of Aitoloakarnania. It is approximately 52 km from Nafpaktos, which is the nearest big city. Located in the middle of an amazing forest of fir and chestnut trees that penetrate to the village. It is an area very special and unique in Greece and has fairly characterized as the "Alps" of Greece. The Syrta on which rests the back of the village has an altitude of 1460 meters. Ano Chora administratively belongs to the municipality of Nafpaktia and its population according to 2011 census is 225 residents.
Previously, the village was called Great Lompotina while the current name acquired it in 1930. Amazing are many theories about the origin of the name. The most convincing is the one that it comes from "the ancient Slavic word LODODINA and LODODO (=Chenopodium album, vegetable). So the most likely it is to be a Slavic name, since in Yugoslavia there is an old town with the same name. It seems with the advent of the Slavs in these parts, and who lived there about three hundred years, brought with them and the name of their origin. Ano Chora administratively belongs to municipality of Nafpaktia and its population according to 2011 census is 225 residents.
Ano Chora  was a main village of Mountainous Nafpaktia and main administrative and spiritual center of the region. During the period of Turkish rule in Ano Chora operated the only organized school of Mountainous Nafpaktia, which is referred to as School of Lompotina. The school operated under the protection of Kanavaioi, an old wealthy Byzantine family, who later were landowners in the area of ​​Kravara (name of Nafpaktia as broader region). In school he studied for two years Kosmas of Aetolia (an Orthodox Saint). During this time, the monk Ananias Dervisianos was teacher at the school.
After the founding of the Greek state, Ano Chora  was the capital of the local municipality in the region, the municipality of Apodotia, which initially operated in the period 1835-1912. In 1912 the municipality was abolished and Ano Chora became the base of the homonymous community. In 1996 the municipality of Apodotia was reconstituted with headquarters again in Ano Chora. The municipality was abolished for the second time in 2011 by the Kallikrates program was part of the Municipality of Nafpaktia.

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