Bike Odyssey 2019: Registration Form For Accredited Journalists


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From this day, all accredited journalists who want to participate in Greece's most difficult mountain bike race, only need to fill up this form. Our organization team will accept a limited amount of applications so a priority order will be followed.


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Only through this cycling race, journalists are able to race, to feel firsthand all the adversity of a mountain bike race, to see the breathtaking sceneries of the route and of course the warmth from the other teams. All of those that they need to broadcast the race through their personal experiences! This happened with several teams of this year's Bike Odyssey, such as BN Cycling, BikeBoard and VELO Czech Cycling Magazine.

The Bike Odyssey 2018 gave us unique memories and also filled us with many experiences so that we can be prepared, as best as we can, for the next race. Many months may be still left for the launch of the Bike Odyssey 2019 and the registrations for the athletes open in only two months (September 15th), but the participation forms for accredited journalists have opened!