Everything ready for the 7th day of Bike Odyssey!!




Only the last touches were left for the launch of the 7th day of Bike Odyssey 2018! The athletes are ready to go and we are looking forward to see how another bicycle rhapsody unfolds.

After yesterday, the interest has been focused on two fronts: on one hand in the 8-days race, the winner will be decided in the next two stages between Pedal Force One and BikeBoard. The former are in the lead in the overall ranking, having defeated the first two stages. The latter, defeated the next four stages, gradually closing the gap, which has now fallen to four minutes.

On the other hand, the lights also fall to the southern 3-days race, in which Sinetairoi got an emphatic victory. In the first few places, however, a major battle took place with continuous swifts and turns. Since the first stage is always one of a learning nature, but also due to the teams having only three stages to adjust, we can only look forward to see how the second stage of the3-days race unfolds as well!!

Bike Odyssey 2018 is now entering its final part and we are all excited  about the developments to come!


Stay tuned!!


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